We help eCommerce brands uncover hidden revenue in their email and SMS lists on a 98% performance basis—guaranteeing more sales, or you don't pay.

Trusted by dozens of industry-leading brands

We All Know Email Is Powerful.

Email is the only marketing channel that allows you to convert and retain customers FAST while also staying PROFITABLE.

But, it’s often overlooked.

Sure, it's tempting to throw more cash at Facebook ads or follow that new "shiny object" hoping for new buyers...

But, let’s be real—in most cases, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

In 2024, with new eCommerce stores popping up daily, consumers have endless options. And they shop around.

If you’re not establishing brand authority, building loyalty, and staying top of mind with your existing and potential customers through email?..

You’ll be left in the dust and outsold by your competitors who are.

You ALREADY have a list of people who know, like, and trust you.

And if you crack the email marketing code…

Your business will start printing cash like CLOCKWORK.

Top Hat Provisions

"SALES ARE EXPLODING! I connected with Jordan immediately! His experience in the marketing game really shows and has improved our sales immensely! We are so happy with Jordan and his team!" - Shane M.

Vida Optima CBD

"Impactful marketing. I've been working with Jordan for a couple of years now, and I am grateful that we have crossed paths. His work ethic, creative thinking, and design skills are a unique package that is hard to come by. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to level up their marketing efforts." - Touvan S.

NoBaked Cookie Dough

"Serious upgrade! We’ve enjoyed working with Swwift Media! Our emails got a serious upgrade, and Jordan has been super easy to communicate with and super responsive on all fronts." - Megan F.

Since 2020, We've Generated Over $10MM+

From $6,500 to $39,900

Before working with us, this CBD brand sent one campaign per month and had only two flows set up. With us, their email marketing is now a core part of their profitability and sales, generating over 50% of their total revenue every month.

From $1,600 to $15,100

This brand was generating only 5% of their revenue from Klaviyo, had a very unengaged list, and had no SMS set up. We rebuilt their flows, sent relevant campaigns, and rapidly grew their SMS list to complement email. This resulted in now generating 38% of their monthly revenue from Klaviyo.

From $33,212 to $64,575

This brand was sending the exact same promotional email every single week, had no SMS set up, and needed help growing their list. We created a campaign calendar, started sending weekly value-based emails, set up SMS, and rapidly grew their email list with a 15.3% sign up rate form.

From $12,900 to $48,200

This wellness brand was landing in spam, had an unengaged list, and was looking to increase their subscription orders. We optimized their entire account, got them out of spam, and put a heavy focus on increasing their conversion rate & LTV through custom landing pages and consistent email campaigns.

Our 3 Phase Process

This is the exact process we use for every client to guarantee success.

Phase 1

First, we hop on a call to get crystal clear on three things:

1. Your brand & products

2. Your current email strategy

3. Your long-term vision & goals

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve a high-profit 7, 8, or 9 figure sustainable business in the future.

But I also want you to have clarity and a simple plan to add ~$50,000+ to your monthly revenue, ASAP.

Phase 2

Once we have clarity and a plan, we'll install a custom Email Authority Funnel inside your business to increase conversions, average order value, customer lifetime value, and ultimately, revenue.

This includes: lead capture forms, automated flows, on-going campaigns, offer creation, upsell mechanisms, lists & segments, and more.

Phase 3

You now have ~30-50% more revenue coming in every month, you have more free time, and you have a proven system to help convert and retain more customers.

And you’ll have a choice:

Continue with on-going support (what most of our clients choose).

Or take the reins and manage it yourself.

Here's Everything You Get

We handle all of the strategy, design, copywriting, and everything in between to help you scale and capture the sales you're missing out on.

Lead Capture Forms (Unlimited)

8-10+ Automated Flows (40-60+ Emails Total)

2-4+ Weekly Campaigns (Nurture & Promotional)

Lists & Segment Management

Full Account Optimization & Management (A/B Testing + More)

Great ROI (30%+ More Revenue)

We're Not Another Big Traditional "Agency"

Founder Involved

Our founder, Jordan, is involved in day-to-day operations and communication to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

Boutique Service

We only work with 7 clients at a time to provide you with an in-house team experience and ensure our work stays high quality.

Unlimited Deliverables

We don't cap you at a certain amount of deliverables per month. Why would we put a limit on your growth?

Take a Peak at Behind the Curtain

Share A Splash wine co.

"Jordan is very talented and has deep knowledge in marketing. Also, a great guy to work with!" - Kelley D.

8Labs CBD

"Proven in the first month! Jordan came to me with great ideas for my company and right away proved himself with great ROI. I’m excited to see what else we do together!!!" - Erin L.

WindanSea Coffee

"I had an excellent experience working with Swwift Media. They were very professional, helpful, reasonable, and the quality of work they did was top notch. I would definitely recommend."

- Jordan O.

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What services do you provide?

We specialize in crafting an email & SMS marketing experience that establishes your brand's authority and builds authentic trust—allowing you to acquire and retain more customers, without overly relying on huge discounts.

We combine direct response copywriting with branded graphic design to ensure our strategy converts while also staying true to your brand's image and voice.

*We also offer ad creatives and custom sales/landing pages for select clients.

What are the requirements?

This is for eCommerce brands generating at least $45,000 per month, with great reviews and amazing products they want to sell even more of.

What's the investment?

It varies because each client is unique and has different needs.

To give you an idea: some clients pay us $2,500 a month, and others pay up to $15,000 a month.

How are you different from other agencies?

Everything we do is highly customized and tailored to your brand. We don't do cookie cutter work.

Plus, we only work with 7 clients at a time so we can give you focus and care needed to be successful.

High quality work and great results are our two highest priorities.

How long does it take to get started?

From the day you pay the invoice and sign the agreement – the first campaign will go out within 7 days and the flows will go live in about 21 days.

We're only accepting 1 new client for the month of July

Free Email Resources

+ Top 50 Performing Subject Lines & Offers

+ 2024 Promotional Campaign Dates

+ Campaign Calendar Template

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